Marketplace vs. Commerce Platform - What’s the difference?

Marketplace vs. Commerce Platform - What’s the difference?

Derek Morgen

Digital Marketing Expert

All marketplaces are commerce platforms. But not all commerce platforms are marketplaces.

Let me explain: Both are engines for commerce; both are designed to connect buyers with sellers, provide information about products, and help process transactions. But marketplaces focus on promoting their value (think Amazon), while commerce platforms (think Agilis) are designed to help producers and their partners protect and preserve their brand, customers, and connections. In the case of Marketplace, you are selling your product via someone’s website, whereas a commerce platform brings software codes to enable you to build your own digital channel. 

Marketplaces disrupt, commerce platforms nurture relationships.

When an online marketplace moves in, many existing players go out of business, supply chains crumble, and partnerships wither. A commerce platform like Agilis works within existing value chains to preserve closely cultivated relationships. It helps support and improve existing workflows and processes, and strives to provide value to all players in the supply chain. 

Marketplaces act as intermediaries, commerce platforms deliver value-added services. 

Most online marketplaces serve one primary purpose – to connect online buyers and sellers, bypassing channel partners, often with less focus on the quality of engagement. On the other hand, a commerce platform provider offers you tools to attract and engage customers by providing value-added services like channel partner workflows, digital marketing expertise, and integration with your legacy ERP/CRM systems. At Agilis, our goal is to help you implement your digital channel with minimum disruption to existing business processes and value chain partnerships. 

Marketplaces create value for select players, commerce platforms focus on complete value chains.
Marketplaces cut out the middleman. It makes perfect sense for some products where the middleman is merely an aggregator. Buying industrial chemicals is not something that most companies can (or want to!) do without a distributor who has a solid track record in handling complex logistics and solving the just-in-time delivery for highly technical and often regulated products. At Agilis, we support all players, especially the producers’ relationships with their regional distributors and other partners. 

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