Customer Success: Global Chemical Producer

Global distributor of plastics and chemicals
$4 billion+ in annual sales
Markets Served
Plastics processing, plastic films and parts, irrigation pipes, cables, chemical manufacturing
Global, offices in 35+ countries
Agilis solution
TradeX auctions and bidding portal


Our customer distributes products for leading global producers, including ExxonMobil, Lyondell-Basel, Westlake, and more, with operations in 100+ countries.

The Challenge

The company’s profitability largely depends on how well regional sales offices optimize margins on high volume trades. However, traditional sales processes that rely primarily on phone calls, emails and in-person meetings, were quickly proving to be ineffective and cumbersome for a rapidly growing distribution business. The company’s leadership recognized the need for a digital commerce solution to streamline day-to-day sales processes, drive efficiency and transparency, and increase profitability by optimizing margins from each transaction.

The Opportunity

The company partnered with Agilis to build an online auction and bidding portal, complete with a built-in profitability calculator, customizable dashboards, and analytics features to provide visibility into each sales transaction. Agilis delivered an initial working prototype in 4 weeks, followed by a final, fully secure and scalable solution in just 8 weeks.

The Solution

Agilis implemented an auction and bidding solution for the distributor, allowing them to list plastics and chemicals from global producers on a centralized online auction site, inviting bids from traders from around the world. When bids are placed, the auction portal automatically factors in freight charges, volume discounts, and other variables and calculates the most profitable deal for the company. The Agilis portal also alerts a trader if inventory for a specific chemical has already been acquired and is available for resale. The system keeps precise records of all transactions, shipments, and document exchanges, simplifying record keeping and giving the company much-needed visibility into pricing and demand dynamics from global markets, along with performance trends for specific regions, products, and sales representatives. Having advanced data analytics allows the company to instantly identify most profitable deals, study trends, and predict future demand.

The Results

The company initially deployed the Agilis solution to their traders in the U.S. and Europe, followed by a quick expansion to users in 20+ countries. The company’s leadership credits Agilis’ ease of use for the solution’s rapid global adoption. Today, the distributor has transitioned their entire sales process to the Agilis platform and is working on scaling it to other areas of operations. 

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 “Because of the intuitive user interface and the high utility of the solution, the user adoption rate was terrific. Users and customers in 20+ countries adopted the Agilis solution with very little training.”

— Sales Director, Global Distributor