Small Regional Distributor in North America Boosts Sales with a Digital Channel

Small regional distributor in North America
Markets Served
Chemicals, Case, Construction, Personal Care, Agriculture
North America
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Our customer is one of the world's largest multinational chemical companies and a premier chemical producer. It serves clients in nearly 200 countries and supplies products to a wide variety of industries.

The Challenge

The customer base for the producer’s specialty product line is as diverse as its applications, and the volume of inquiries is typically very high. While the producer’s sales teams were focused on a few large customers, small and mid-size sales were largely stagnant. The producer needed to reach a larger pool of customers without sacrificing the buying experience or increasing sales resources. Prospects often noted that relevant product information was scattered across multiple pages on the producer’s website – hidden in product brochures, data sheets, and other literature. Not having all necessary product data available in a dynamic, searchable form made it harder for customers to find what they needed, creating more work for an already overburdened sales team. The sales management also wished for more visibility and transparency into what their end-users ultimately do with their products – where the different formulations were being used, which applications were growing, etc. Not having this type of market data made forecasting and planning more difficult, especially in the small and mid-size market, often served by distributors.

The Opportunity

The producer chose to engage with Agilis to build a full-service branded eCommerce platform, complete with a product catalog, transaction portal, and an analytics engine. They selected a package that offered an extensive array of premium marketing services, including assistance in customer onboarding, customer acquisition, digital marketing campaigns, lead qualification, credit checks, customer nurturing programs, and more. 

The Solution

Agilis implemented the entire solution in just 8 weeks, from concept to go-live. Today, when buyers log into the producer’s portal, they can select grades best suited for their formulations, place and track orders online, and process payments without having to make a single phone call or email to the sales team. For customers who value speed and convenience, an eCommerce portal offers the benefits of online buying, along with the simplicity and familiarity of existing transaction workflows. In addition to the branded portal, Agilis implemented digital marketing tools and an AI-driven leads engine that helped identify and acquire new customers at scale. Agilis also helped the producer set up a Search Engine Optimization strategy for every product, improving visibility into producer’s offerings in the public domain.

The Results

In just the first few months following the rollout, the volume of calls to sales support has decreased by 50%, freeing up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. The Agilis data analytics engine helped the producer get a better understanding of trends, buying patterns, and end-uses, improving forecasting and product planning. In the future, the producer plans to expand their use of Agilis portal to other product lines and applications.

  • A 20% average monthly sales growth
  • Transitioned legacy customers to the new portal without difficulty or pushback
  •  Identified and onboarded new customers using Agilis’ AI-driven leads engine and dynamic SEO
  • capabilities
  • A notable increase in frequency of repeat orders and higher customer satisfaction

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 “Agilis brings the technological expertise and the industry knowledge, which enabled us to implement this new online distribution channel while improving business processes, driving efficiency, and strengthening relationships."

Business Director, Global Producer
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